Little Water Radio

"A great radio voice" is often a kinder way of saying "your voice is so low I can't understand anything you've said". But on the radio with proper amplification you can make out the words - perhaps not the meaning or reasoning, but the words are clear.

This is a meandering way of saying if you want to listen to the radio show I recorded with Dave Sewelson on his show, "Music for a Free World" on Little Water Radio you can now do so. We yakked, we improvised, and listened to some great recent records that I brought in - Kevin SunDerrick MichaelsDave BallouNick Roseboro, Charles Evans, ScienSonic Laboratories...)

I was so pleased to be asked by fellow baritonist Dave Sewelson to be a guest on his Little Water Radio show. You can stream the whole show, and get a sneak peak of the new album that releases April 1st, 2018.