For Us, The Living

by Andrew Hadro

For Us, The Living is an effort to honor tradition by focusing on looking toward the future. All of the compositions recorded on this album were written by living American composers.

The title comes from President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address of 1863. Lincoln's speech urged Americans to appreciate, honor and respect the unsung and fallen heroes, and to further their unfinished work to usher in a new era. 2013 marked the 150th anniversary of the Address and so it seemed a fitting title for an album featuring living American composers, and carrying on the tradition of those who came before.

This is my dedication to the musical giants upon whose shoulders I stand. Rather than re-interpret and re-perform their works, I want to extend the timeline of jazz with new compositions and performances by the best living composers and musicians today. 

Featured Performers

Andrew Hadro - Baritone Saxophone & Flute
Daniel Foose - Acoustic Bass
Carmen Staaf - Grand Piano
Matt Wilson - Drums & Cymbals

Recorded May 28th & 29th, 2013 At Stadium Red by Tyler McDiarmid
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Perez-Cisneros
Co-Produced by Julian Shore
Artwork Images by Daniel Mottet
© 2014 Hadro Music, All Rights Reserved.

Featured Composers

Andrew Hadro (Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10)
Julian Shore (Track 3)
Maria Schneider (Track 7)
Ryan Anselmi (Track 8)
James Davis (Track 9)


DownBeat Editor's Pick - April 2014
"The band assembled for this date is the musical equivalent of a great ensemble cast with Hadro on bari and occasionally flute, Daniel Foose on bass, Carmen Staaf on piano and Matt Wilson holding down the drum chair. No one dominates. No one is just cashing a check. The interplay of this group stands above any individual moments-but there are plenty of those, too.
Hadro succeeds big time on For Us, The Living. He pays tribute to the history of improvised music by shining a spotlight on artists who are working on its next chapters right now."

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Gapplegate Music Review - June 2014
"Certainly his album For Us, The Living (Tone Rogue 002) has a concentrated, centered sort of purposefulness to it that may be something "of our time". There are mostly Andrew's compositions represented here, with a few others, not standards, to mix things up...
Andrew gets a baritone sound that can be light and airy as well as forceful and rough-hewn. He is a voice for today. On flute he breaks things up nicely and is no slouch. His writing stays in the mind too."

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TheCelebrityCafe.com - June 2014
"Jazz is a genre that has been around for many years and yet has a way of feeling, fresh, new and modern year after year because new musicians come and put their own imprint on jazz musical history. Andrew Hadro is adding his name to that list with his latest album, For Us, The Living."

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Jazz Inside Magazine - May 2014
"But while Hadro has his influences and his inspirations, he is his own person. One will notice some Coltrane influence here or some Sanders or Henderson influence there, but ultimately, Andrew Hadro sounds like Andrew Hadro. And on For Us, The Living, he shines as both a soloist and a composer."

Click here to read the whole review.StageBuddy.com - April 2014
"It's not often that a musician can elicit a unique personality on more than one instrument. Andrew Hadro does just that with both the baritone saxophone and the flute on his new record "For Us, The Living". His baritone has the weightlessness of a butterfly in flight as it warbles and meanders along while his flute slithers about like a snake. It's the juxtaposition of these two personalities --especially on the song "Forever, All Ways" -- that takes the listener on a compelling ride."

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AllAboutJazz.com - April 2014
"It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that Hadro is one of the most promising baritone saxophonists to emerge in recent times, but it might be unfairly limiting given the scarcity of out-and-out bari players. It might be better to simply say, instrument aside, he's one to keep an eye on."

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SomethingElseReviews.com - March 2014
"That burly baritone sax, it can be an abrasive sound maker, but in the right hands it can be this warm, inviting sonority. The first thing noticeable about Andrew Hadro's baritone is that he caresses the big sax as lovingly as he's caressing melodies.
Perhaps the best thing about For Us, The Living, however, is that it doesn't rely on solos to make it a success as the alluring set of straight jazz that it is. There's much to be said about heartfelt, soulful delivery and on that count, Andrew Hadro has said a mouthful."

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CriticalJazz.com - March 2014
"If you don't know or better still understand history that you are doomed to remain isolated in the past. The unforgiving world of improvisational music is quick to honor those that have gone before while occasionally overlooking those that are charting a new harmonic path of least reistence. Andrew Hadro and For Us, The Living chronicles the musical vision of a rising star and gives keen insight into just where jazz may be heading."

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MidwestRecord.com - April 2014
"First class sitting down jazz by a rising sax man that likes to go deep and serve up music that makes you think and feel."

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