Baritone Saxophone Doesn't Have To Be Ugly

I may be ugly, but the sound of my baritone saxophone is not.

Give it a listen. See if I'm wrong.

Tracks below are from "For Us, The Living II: Marcescence" - 2018 Tone Rogue Records

Rather than follow the path of bop-oriented bari blazers…Hadro prefers to play the baritone saxophone in a soft, beautiful, subtle way. And rather than waiting around to be signed to a label, he’d rather do it himself.
Andrew Hadro

Andrew Hadro

this new release is deeply moving and full of emotion… just listen to the marvelous mix of reeds and percussion on the 4:37 “Alexis“, and you’ll hear why I say that… sweet work, to be sure!  The light touches on “Due Course” make for perfect listening – but be sure you listen to this with your headphones on (at least for the first sitting), so you can catch every little nuance – of which there are plenty.  My personal favorite of the thirteen Andrew offers up is the ever-so-gentle, yet somehow fiery, “Throughout“…
— -Dick Metcalf,